Introduction #

Noosphere is a protocol for a new kind of content web:

At a high level, Noosphere has two features that make it a useful web protocol:

In other words: Noosphere enables hyperlinks. Hyperlinks in Noosphere typically look like this:

Slashlink example

Principles #

Noosphere aims to promote decentralization in the network by designing around the following principles:

We are building Noosphere for everyone, and we hope you will build it with us. To pitch in and help shape the project, join our community on Discord and/or get involved with our open source project on Github!

Technical design #

Noosphere is designed to be compatible with the hypertext web you know and love. URL-style hyperlinks still work. And, content on Noosphere may be delivered directly to web browsers that speak HTTP.

Noosphere also introduces a set of new technical concepts that may be unfamiliar to those who come from a traditional web development background. Refer to the technical design foundations section for a more detailed exploration of this topic.